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International Hot-air Balloon Festival opens in Langfang

http://english.hebei.com.cn  2012-12-04 18:12

  The 6th China International Hot-air Balloon Festival, at the international convention and exhibition center, in Langfang, Hebei province, opened on Nov 24.

  The festival, which runs for until Nov 26th attracted nearly 20 teams from China and abroad. The organizers of the festival, whose theme is “Happy Langfang to achieve dreams”, say they are expecting more than 150,000 tourists.

  The festival is also a way for the city of Langfang to increase exchanges with foreign countries, develop the local tourist economy, and publicize its unique spirit. At the same time, it gives the local people a bit of culture, and hopefully increases their happiness index.

  Feng Shaohui, Langfang’s deputy Party secretary, and Li Bo, the deputy mayor, took part in the opening ceremony.

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