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Order restored after clashes in Egypt

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  Egypt's Republican Guard has restored order around the presidential palace after fierce overnight clashes killed seven people. But emotions are still running high as the country struggles over its future. The fighting across Cairo is a clear sign of the instability facing Egypt and its leader. President Mohamed Morsi is scheduled to address the nation later in the day.

  To many Egyptians, it was like a nightmare coming true. Despite warnings of possible violence, the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters proceeded with a march towards the presidential Palace, anyway.

  Morsi Supporter, Cairo, said, "The opposition was insulting us, taking off their shoes to denigrate our efforts. We were very peaceful in return, until we saw clashes happening. There were tear gas bombs thrown at us from them. No police were in the field yet."

  Anti-Morsi Protester, Cairo, said, "Honestly both sides were attacking, other sides were insulting, there is no innocent person here. Egyptian blood has been shed, someone must take responsibility, all of us should. Innocent people die at the end."

  Once again Churches and field hospitals are open to receive protesters; during January 25th it was because they were calling for democracy, today it is because some sects are intolerant to that democracy.

  For days the Islamic stream threatened several times to protest near the opposition, this was the first time they actually proceed.

  Although both parties are political rivals, yet there is one feeling that united them after the clashes. Violence only stopped when peace was forced by the Egyptian Army. But some of the opposition groups are still planning to continue their protest at the presidential palace.

  A series of resignation followed the violence; from the president of the Egyptian state television to four of the President’s senior consultants.

  By CCTV correspondent Adel EL mahrouky

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