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LDP's new lineup eyes upper house election in Japan

http://english.hebei.com.cn  2012-12-26 11:23

  Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Shinzo Abe on Tuesday announced his party's new leadership lineup that will prepare for next summer's House of Councilors election.

  In the new leadership team, Masahiko Komura and Shigeru Ishiba remain the party's vice president and secretary general, respectively.

  It is the first time in the LDP's history that the leadership team includes two relative young female lawmakers.

  Sanae Takaichi, a lower house lawmaker, became the party's policy chief, while another female senior official of the LDP is Seiko Noda, who will chair the party's powerful General Council.

  Abe said the new members of the LDP leadership not belong to any faction within the party.

  He added the arrangement is to prepare for next summer's upper house election, which the Democratic Party of Japan remains the largest force.

  Abe is expected to become the country's new prime minister at a special session of the Diet held Wednesday and he will immediately form his new cabinet.

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