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When smartphones attack

http://english.hebei.com.cn  2013-10-18 14:24

  People play with their cell phones everywhere – at bus stops, subway stations, during meetings, parties, and dinners. More young people can be seen putting their head down and fixing their eyes on smartphone screens, to chat with friends, play mobile games and read micro blogs.

  "Spending too much time playing with a cell phone will cause harm to health, including vision impairment, cervical pain and dyspepsia," said Gan Mantang, sociology professor at Fuzhou University, "It's also bad for mental illnesses like depression and anxiety," Gan said.

  The professor suggested self-control when using mobile phones to make better use of the new technology.

  People scan their cellphones in a subway train in Beijing, August 30, 2013. [Photo/CFP]

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