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Heavy smog to shroud north China again over weekend

来源: Ecns.cn 作者: 2014-10-16 16:50:02

  The photo taken on Oct 8 shows Tian'anmen Square in Beijing is shrouded by smog. Another smog will choke the city and part regions of north China form Friday evening.[Photo/CFP]

  (ECNS) -- Regions across Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province will be overwhelmed by heavy smog from Friday night, according to weather.com.cn.

  The National Meteorological Center predicted that from Friday to next Monday, smog will shroud south-central parts of North China, northern parts of Huang-Huai Plain, and central Shaanxi province.

  Beijing might be chocked by heavy pollution on Sunday and Monday.

  The smog won't be as severe as last week, said Zhang Fanghua, chief weather forecaster at the meteorological center.

  It will be dispersed by cold air from next Monday night, he added.

  As smog will accompany most of the weekend, Zhang suggested the public avoid outdoor activities or at least wear masks when going outside.

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