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EU fines Deutsche Telekom in anti-trust case

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2014-10-16 22:31:30

  The European Union (EU) on Wednesday announced that it is fining Deutsche Telekom and its Slovak subsidiary a combined total of 69.9 million euros (89.3 million U.S. dollars ) for shutting out rivals in Slovakia's broadband market.

  The EU competition authority revealed on Tuesday that Slovak Telekom and its parent company, Deutsche Telekom pursued unfair practices on the Slovak market for more than five years starting in 2005.

  Joaquin Almunia, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of competition said that the Slovak Telekom committed two abuses.

  "The first one was the foreclosure of competitors. The Slovak Telecom according to our investigation, shut down competitors to avoid them to have access to the broadband. The second abuse was what we call the margin squeeze so they put prices in a way that the profits were not towards other players but towards Slovak Telecom. This is an infringement. It is an abuse of dominance according to the Treaty,"Almunia said.

  German provider Deutsche Telekom as parent company holding 51 percent shares was also responsible.

  Both companies received a joint fine worth 38.3 milion euro. On top of that the Commission imposed an extra 31.1 million penalty on Deutsche Telekom for its repeated margin squeeze action.

  The EU competition body said the Slovak Telekom abusive practices harmed both consumers and competitors precluding them from real choice between alternatives.


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