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Young woman with brain tumor devoted to charities

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2014-10-17 08:58:41

  Zi Rong (Photo: china.org.cn)

  Having been diagnosed with a cerebral vascular tumor when she was 13 years old, Zi Rong, a native of Yunnan province who was born in 1984, would have given up her life, had her mother not encouraged the suffering girl to pull herself together and receive treatment.

  Six years passed, and after putting up with severe pains which sporadically attacked her day and night, Zi Rong had grown into a capable woman who built a successful career and led a moderately comfortable life with a car and an apartment in Beijing in 2003. But the potential danger inside her body did not loosen its grip. In 2008, severe eye inflammation which caused her to temporarily lose her sight changed her, and health problems again haunted her life.

  But the emergence of volunteer groups after the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake that year reignited Zi's hopes. She joined some of these groups and felt great satisfaction from assisting needy people, inspiring her philanthropist spirit. Zi later established a charity organization called "Care for Flower Buds," which focuses on the psychological health of young people as well as impoverished and disabled children. The organization is also involved in activities promoting care for elderly people and assists in environmental protection programs.

  The majority of the volunteers in the organization are young people in their 20s and 30s, some of whom joined the group because of their own problems. But when they participate in charity events, they are often astonished to find their problems are solved by the sense of reward they get from helping others.

  Yet the pain of Zi's adolescent illness still lingers. In 2011, she was diagnosed with spondylitis, a spinal abnormality, while the tumor inside the brain caused a digestive disorder that caused her to vomit uncontrollably.

  Despite her serious illnesses, Zi remains optimistic. She hopes to build a psychological healthcare center for children with healthy bodies but traumatized hearts.

  "It would be so great if my organization could eventually do this," she said.


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