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Square dancing more organized in the future

来源: Ecns.cn 作者: 2015-03-31 15:40:30

  It's a common sight across China -- middle-aged and elderly dancers swaying their hips in public squares. And these dancing grannies or 'damas' have also been swaying up controversy in recent years, with many residents complaining their music is disruptive. Now the country wants to make it an well-organized activity.

  Dusk and dawn, squares across China heave with the sound of thudding bass beats as dancing damas show off their moves.

  Group dancing has even made its way to the Spring Festival Gala.

  "It's a good way to exercise. I know people now are at two extremes towards it -- love and hate," Wang Guangcheng, choreographer of 2015 Spring Festival Gala, said.

  After many complaints about the noise, the country is now figuring out steps to solve it.

  "I think the space for group dancing is not enough, nor are there enough formal instructors. So the next step is for us to figure out a solution with the Ministry of Culture and other related authorities," Liu Guoyong with General Administration Of Sport said.

  The damas won't stop their march, and perhaps with better organization, there'll be more people joining in.


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