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Planes safest means of transport in Switzerland: report

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2015-07-24 16:33:14

  A Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) report published on Thursday revealed that 243 people died on Swiss roads in 2014, compared to 28 rail fatalities and a historically low 2 aviation deaths.

  FSO indicated that since the 1970s the number of transport fatalities has significantly declined despite the constantly growing trends of transport-use by the population.

  The report showed that this is largely due to significant improvements in automobile security and technology.

  Figures showed that close to 1,800 people were dying every year some four decades ago.

  Compared to the rest of Europe, Switzerland came third last year in terms of road security with an average of 33 deaths per 1 million people, slightly behind Sweden (27 deaths per million) and Britain (28 deaths per million).

  Figures showed that males are more prone to road accidents than women, with men aged between 18 and 24 years old being the most likely to experience a serious or fatal incident.

  The main cause of accidents cited by the report was breaking the speed limit, followed by consumption of alcohol and use of drugs.

  According to statistics, motorbikes represent the most dangerous means of road transport in the confederation, followed by bicycles and cars.

  FSO indicated that on average, one person dies every 36 hours in Switzerland because of a road accident, and that 17,803 traffic accidents were reported last year, resulting in 243 deaths, 4,043 people being seriously injured and 17,478 lightly injured.


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