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Why Linhai is snack city

来源: China Daily 作者: Xu Lin 2015-07-27 14:53:52

  Linhai is home to dozens of snacks, some of which have a history of several hundred years. You can tantalize your taste buds while hanging out downtown.

  Maiyouzhi (pancake)

  A thin pancake made from wheat flour is placed on a flat surface. Then, a dish with pork, scrambled bean sprouts or potatoes is used as a topping. Of course, any other dish will do, too. The result is a burrito-style wrap. You can also fry it if you want to keep it until the next day.

  Zaogeng(thick soup)

  While most Chinese have yuanxiao(glutinous rice balls) during the Lantern Festival, Linhai residents usually cook a pot of hot zaogengto share with their families. They mix chopped vegetables and meats and add water and rice flour, and boil. It is tasty and nutritious, if not special in appearance.

  Sheep-tail pastry

  The yellow pastry gets its name from its resemblance to a sheep's tail. The common street food is similar to a puff. The cook covers sweet red-bean paste with a special fat, dips it into egg white and fries it in oil. You can eat it sprinkled with white sugar.


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