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Tibetan athletes, sports fans wish Beijing success in Olympic bidding

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2015-07-30 08:06:37

  Tibetan athletes and sports fans have expressed their best wishes to Beijing as the final decision on the 2022 Winter Olympics host city nears.

  "The London Olympics showed the resolve and proficiency of Tibetan athletes, and more trainers have come to help develop young Tibetan athletes," said Limaoco, a female Tibetan racewalker and teammate of Choeyang Kyi, China's first Tibetan Olympic medalist in 20-km racewalking in London.

  "If Beijing wins the bid for 2022, all eyes will be on China again, and it will be another good chance for minority athletes," she told Xinhua at Qinghai Duoba National Sports Training Base.

  "Tibet and my hometown in eastern Qinghai also offer great natural snow. I hope more people could come see for themselves," she said.

  Yuan Dejiu, a trainer at the base, said many Tibetan children, raised in plateau environment, have great athletic potential, but lack access to proper training.

  "Top-level sports events like the Olympics will have far-reaching effects and could change the lives of many minority athletes," he said.

  Sonamje, mother of Choeyang Kyi, who is training in Italy, said another Olympics at Beijing will be a festival and success.

  "In 2008, when Beijing Olympics were held, the whole family gathered at the grassland to watch the televised opening ceremony. It was a festival for us, because sports have made my daughter's career, and we are proud of her," she said.

  Ngawang Tashi, a veteran mountain climber who has conquered Mount Qomolangma several times, agrees. "The Olympics will get more people to love sports, no doubt about that," he said.

  "The snow and ice events will greatly develop if the Winter Olympics is held in China," he added.

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