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Chinese Mongolians celebrate Naadam

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2015-08-04 10:54:12

  Mongolians in China are dazzling crowds with traditional performances and sporting feats as they celebrate their annual Naadam festival.

  Naadam has been held every summer since the 17th century, mainly in Inner Mongolia and and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, when these areas' grasslands are at their most lush.

  Naadam opened in Sunite Right Banner, Inner Mongolia, on Tuesday. Locals wearing traditional Mongolian nomad costumes competed in wrestling, horse racing and archery.

  In Xinjiang, Naadam has turned Bayanbulak Grassland into a huge playground. This is the 18th year that the festival has been held there, a revival aimed at attracting tourists and preserving local culture.

  This year's Naadam in Bayanbulak Grassland features religious rituals of the ancient Turgut tribe, whose ancestors make up one of the many ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang.

  Namuse, a 27-year-old Mongolian, traveled 90 km from his home to Bayanbulak for Naadam. "Naadam in Bayanbulak has become grander every year. As a Turgut descendant, I am proud. The games are a tribute to our ancestors," he said.

  Nowadays, Naadam is celebrated from the end of July to mid-August.


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