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Music Festival rocks British Columbia

来源: Xinhua 作者: 2015-08-12 09:57:34

  A music festival has brought good vibes and sound waves to hundreds of thousands of spectators who have flocked to Squamish Valley in Canada's western province of British Columbia over the weekend.

  The Squamish Valley Music Festival, an annual event held since 2010, has grown into one of North America's most popular summer music festivals.

  The lush green valley between the coastal mountains and Howe Sound -- a network of fjords north of Vancouver -- has served as a scenic background, and home to the music festival that attracted around 125,000 spectators this year.

  Organizers said roughly 20,000 more people came this year as viewers were lured by the beautiful scenery and top artists like Sam Smith, Mumford & Sons and Drake.

  "Just look at the view, dude. It's beautiful. That's the first reason that I came here. The second reason: Sam Smith, Drake and Mumford & Sons, man. I love those guys," said Josh Khobadachah, one of the viewers, on Sunday.

  At the festival, it seems there is something for everyone. Over four days and across four stages, about 70 artists have been pumping the mountain air with sound waves and good vibes.

  "You're seeing act after act after act and it's been really, really fun. Really exhausting but it's all been really worth it," Melissa Benjamin, another viewer, said.

  Music festivals like this are big business. Single-day tickets were being sold for 150 Canadian dollars (115 U.S. dollars). However, the performances and the scenery are value for money for many viewers.

  "It's got something for everyone. And I mean look around you, I don't think there's any better view than this. You're surrounded by nature, you're surrounded by good friends and it's got something for everyone. So it's been a real big blast," Benjamin added.

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