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LinkedIn: 61% of Chinese enterprises would hire more people in 2016

来源:chinadaily 作者:Meng Jing 2015-11-21 11:47:51

  Despite the uncertainty of the Chinese economy, statistics from LinkedIn China said that 61percent of Chinese enterprises would hire more people in the year 2016.

  Yu Zhiwei, vice president of LinkedIn China, said in a conference on Friday that a growingproportion of the new openings in China are expected to be senior positions.

  "Companies never stop hiring high-end talent even in difficult times," he said. With the slowingdown of the Chinese economy, companies would offer more jobs to those who are capable tolead new initiatives or to help guide the development of business out of difficulties, Yu said inChengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province.

  A recent report from LinkedIn, which is a leading professional networking system,showed thatthe finance sector is the most attractive industry for talent in China, followed by the Internetindustry.

  LinkedIn China has seen a rapidly growing number of Chinese Internet companies using itsonline platform to seek overseas talent and build up their own employer brand.

  The report said the favorable salary and the huge demand for talent from the emerging Internetfinance sector are expected to attract more people to enter the finance industry in China.

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