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The wisdom to protect China's overseas interests

来源:CCTV.com 作者: 2016-01-08 14:24:56

  By Chu Yin, researcher at Center for China and Globalization (CCG), associate professor at University of International RelationsThe United States is weakening in power, while global security after the Cold War in the West faces a downward trend. The sluggish economy casts doubts over an international capitalist marketplace. Protectionism measures are rising as a backdrop.

  Western countries are facing more public responsibilities that have created chaos in some regions. Countries and regions, such Afghanistan, Libya and Mali are cases in point. With the withdrawal of Western armies, Western-supported regimes might collapse.

  Meanwhile, new powers are rising. After the Soviet Union's dissolution, the West-centered world order faces challenges from different powers.

  The security order has been subverted by competing powers. Iraq and Syria are collapsing due to rivalries among Shia, Sunni, Western countries, Russia and Turkey. The protection of overseas interests is fundamental as the world has become more insecure.

  Yet, some countries embrace unilateralism for a single country's benefit, which sparks more insecurity. France's actions in Libya, Syria and Mali have made itself a hostile target, just like the US. Turkey’s intervention in Syria and Iraq has caused the Middle East to become more unstable.

  But, Beijing has chosen a different path to protect its overseas interests, by focusing on international cooperation and dialogue that respects national sovereignty and peace.

  Peace appreciation may seem soft, but such softness could avoid misunderstandings and boost cooperation despite the backdrop of complicated international situations. The concession can achieve results in spite of fierce rivalries.

  During the evacuation of overseas Chinese in Libya and Yemen, Chinese foreign affairs departments were able to get respect, cooperation and help from parties at war and the surrounding countries, because Chinese diplomats have gained friendship with leaders and people in these countries. Such massive evacuation is unimaginable without positive local relations.

  China's protection of overseas interests, which is different from the western-mode, supports seeking common ground while respecting differences and appreciating peace.

  Beijing favors benevolence, since the nation is located in a highly-complex neighborhood with major investments in underdeveloped and unstable regions.

  The benevolent manner may disappoint enthusiastic young men who are obsessed with Emperor Qin Shihuang, Emperor Wu of Han and Genghis Khan, but China can lead the world with a positive attitude.Water is the softest but penetrates everything. China, with its peaceful standing and strategy, can win favor from the world.

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