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Buzzword 'old daddy' wins over 'young handsome' in 2015 reader views

来源:Ecns.cn 作者: 2016-02-14 10:26:51

  Attention to "old daddy" has defeated "young handsome" in 2015 online views, reflecting a stronger family connection compared to ever-changing show biz headlines among Chinese readers, Dahe News reported.

  The Henan Province-based newspaper and Toutiao, China's personalized news app jointly launched a comparative study of Chinese catchphrases in 2015 to gain a glimpse into reader minds in the digital era.

  Buzzword "young handsome" was read about 1.25 billion times, while "old daddy" scored better at 1.51 billion, according to analysis of data collected from Toutiao's 350 million registered users.

  The study found that "nagging parents" over a broad range of issues, from expectations of drinking less to an early relationship or marriage, recorded 553 million views, though the Chinese characters "xiangnian," meaning missing someone, was read 676 million times.

  The buzzword meaning "taste of mother's cooking" had over 25 million views, an indication of fast-paced work pressure and homesickness, according to the report.

  Other catchphrases of the year are also related to nostalgia although "yuanfang," meaning faraway, which was read 570 million times, while a teacher's resignation letter "The world is big and I want to go out and see it" obtained 48 million views.


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